a photograph of me The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.
-----Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 - 1892)
Hello, my name is Wayne Smith. This page is devoted to my avocation; radio monitoring. Radio monitoring is a general-interest radio hobby primarily employing the use of "police" scanners and other radio listening equipment. Radio monitoring is a popular hobby, and with the exception of a few types of radio transmissions, is not illegal. And despite recurring myths on the part of some, radio monitoring is neither unethical nor unconstitutional.
The primary purpose of this web page is to assist fledgling scanner enthusiasts (particularly in the formative ages of 13-17) with tips and techniques to help them make the best use of the scanning radio equipment available today and to make sense of the increasingly complex radio infrastructures that they find themselves immersed in and dependent upon. The materials offered under this aegis are A Southern California Guide to the FCC Universal Licensing System (complete with complete downloads in multiple database formats), Listening Tips for Beginning Scanner Listeners (tbd) and some (grade-level appropriate) Learning Activities with Scanners for parents and teachers. As might be inferred by the URL of this web page, I strongly encourage all radio monitoring enthusiasts to obtain their Amateur Radio license and join the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).
The secondary purpose of this web page is to provide a publication point for radio frequencies that may not listed elsewhere, or at least elsewhere in an organized, intuitive fashion. I maintain a list of frequencies that originate from organizations in and around the greater San Fernando Valley and Claremont. The San Fernando Valley listings are available in formats suitable for direct use with the Uniden 396 and 996 scanners as well. All listening guides are, at best, simply starting points for the motivated scanner enthusiast.
I encourage serious scanning enthusiasts to consider attending the Southern California Monitoring Association (SCMA) meetings. The monthly SCMA meetings are held in Westchester (near LAX). Additionally, the Yahoo groups SoCalScan and SoCalMilScan are useful as well.
I encourage all public safety professionals to consider joining the Association for Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO International). The local Chapter of this organization is called the California Public-Safety Radio Association (CPRA). This Chapter helps coordinate an extraordinarily large number of public safety radio frequencies in the region. The scope of their charter can be seen by reviewing a CPRA frequency list from several years ago 1998 ].
The picture located in upper-left hand corner of this page was taken in 1992 by my friend Hugh Stegman. I was a long-time member of the RCMA and also held a seat on the Board of Directors for a while. I wrote my first article for this monthly periodical when I was 16 years old. I graced the cover along with noted radio luminaries Gordon West, Gene Hughes (Cursin), and John Clark. Not quite GQ, but a minor accolade nonetheless.
Thanks, and happy monitoring.

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